Welcome to liquid yoga!

Liquid Yoga is dedicated to helping people find wellness and
balance through the sacred practice of yoga.  We believe
that yoga is the perfect compliment to surfing, swimming
and other water sports, both physically and spiritually.  So
we attempt to combine yoga with these activities to nurture
the mind, body and spirit to create a more whole person and

Liquid Yoga holds yoga-surf retreats in beautiful Maui and
also provides private and/or group yoga instruction in Santa
Barbara, California for swimmers, surfers and everyone else
interested in expanding their body and mind!
Please see our '
Retreat' page for more details.   


We will be accepting registration soon for our "Yoga for
Swimmers Camp" in Santa Barbara, CA Summer 2010!    
Come live Aloha!

"Change is not a mistake.  It is all there is."

Photos by Joshua S Levenberg