Yoga For Swimmers DVD
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"Yoga for Swimmers" is the perfect yoga program for
swimmers as well as anyone looking to increase
flexibility, strength and mental focus.  It focuses on
helping swimmers of all levels improve their
performance in the water and be less susceptible to
injury.  By learning proper alignment and taking your
muscles through the full range of motion, you will
improve everything from your stroke, to your kick, to
your entry into the water.  We invite you to join us on
location in beautiful Maui and Santa Barbara.  
"'Yoga for Swimmers' is a great idea.  I wish I had had the
opportunity to do more yoga during my peak training years.  
Aside from the physical benefits, the focus and concentration
that the practice builds can help athletes tremendously during
training and competition."   
               -Summer Sanders,  Olympic Swimming Champion
"Because flexibility has long been a key to the success of many of
the world's greatest swimmers, I believe Yoga is an excellent
compliment to the sport of swimming.  It also helps prevent injury
and steady one's focus.  I would recommend yoga to any
swimmer who wants to improve their performance in the water."

  Bruce Wigo, CEO International Swimming Hall of Fame

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