Barbara & Nora were magical.  The
retreat exceeded my expectations.  
From surf to yoga, my body was
singing.  My soul will vibrate with the
energy from this experience for a long
time to come.  I would attend again
without question.

- Brett, Huntington Beach, CA
August 2006 Maui Retreat
"Our deepest fear is not that we are
inadequate; Our deepest fear is that we are
powerful beyond measure."  Thank you for
the love, care & attention that helped us tap
into that power, and for creating an
environment that brought together nine
strangers who left as family.

-D. Yeh, Laguna Niguel, CA
August 2006 Maui Retreat
Barbara and Nora your hosts, enjoying
dinner in Maui
I couldn't imagine a better experience than this!  
Nora & Barbara went to great lengths to make sure
everything ran smoothly with the utmost fun &
enjoyment.  I made some friends that will last a
lifetime and some memories that are unforgettable.  I
came away with a deeper understanding of yoga,
myself & surfing! The energy of Maui combined with
the spirit of the instructors was amazing.  I can't wait
for the next retreat!

- B.U., Huntington Beach, CA
August 2006 Maui Retreat
Stoked!  Our retreaters with our awesome surf instructors
from Girls Gone Surfing (co-ed).
If you wish to change your life forever, join Nora and
Barbara on a Liquid Yoga Retreat!  When you take a
step forward in your life, you never know who you'll
meet along the way.  You might meet a life-long friend,
drink in peace with a surf instructor's encouragement or
a yoga teacher who encourages a brave heart.  Just
go.  You'll have an amazing journey- guaranteed.  

-Susan MacGregor
Cost Mesa, CA
August 2006 Maui Retreat
Yoga at our beautiful host studio, Island Spirit Yoga.
Our lovely yoginis hamming it up for the
A Blue Crush moment
Waiting for a set
Our awsome student ripping
Wow! What an amazing experience.  I
would do this retreat over and over
agian...aside from the awesome surf, the
challenging yoga, the delicious meals and
the gorgeous island of Maui, it was the
beautiful spirits of Nora and Barbara that
made this trip what it was...Their energy
and vibrance was the heart and soul of this
entire experience.

-Alex Arnold
March 2007 Maui Retreat
Hanging Loose
All Smiles
OK, so he can surf with his dog...
Morning meditation
Our beautiful and talented surf instructors from Girls
Gone Surfing (co-ed)
After a great yoga practice
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