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Another Rad Student
Yes, it really is this beautiful
Don't be intimidated...that just our amazing
instructor Nora
A warm, perfect wave
Enjoying the view
This retreat was amazing.  [It] gave me a chance
to reconnect with my body and heart in a way I
really needed and develop a taste for surfing
which I am so grateful for, and the chance to try
new things and push past my own doubts to
accomplish great things.  I can't thank you
enough for helping me find true balance and
strength to face the next part of my life.  And
thanks for the amazing yummy food, great yoga
classes and new friends!

-Amy Leipziger, Brooklyn, NY
August 2008 Maui Retreat
I had an amazing experience.  I
would recommend this trip to
anyone who wants to be totally
relaxed and challenged at the
same time.  The staff is loving and
knowledgeable and made me feel
comfortable and cared for.  It is
rare to be in a situation that is both
fun and alters your perspective on
the rest of your life.  I am
re-prioritizing, and extremely
happy about it.

-Phil, Los Angeles, CA
August 2008 Maui Retreat